Android apps for praying

Prayers audio Follow the title link and you will get android app where you will find the following audio prayers in English:Jesus prayer,Glory to the Father,Our Father,Symbol of faith,Apostle’s creed,Hail Mary,Litany of Holy Spirit,Morning and evening prayers,Lord’s prayer,Deliverance prayer against evil,Prayer of Saint Francis,The Angelus,Litany of the Holy Ghost,Come Holy Spirit,Have mercy on me,Prayer toContinue reading “Android apps for praying”

Rosary Audio English Offline

Pray Rosary Audio English Offline anywhere – in the car, bus, at home.Plus Jesus prayer, Loreto, Chaplet of Divine mercy.Rosary contains Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries. The prayers that comprise the Rosary are arranged in sets of ten Hail Marys, called decades. Each decade is preceded by one Lord’s Prayer and followed by oneContinue reading “Rosary Audio English Offline”

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